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Victor Turcios: Public statement for media 16.8.2013

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Recently speculations have arisen from published articles in Central
American media involving myself for match fixing.

I would like to express my displeasure over the current situation
involving my national football team and a match fixing scheme. Recently
I stood up against this terrible situation and exposed the problem
seeking attention from outside to the matter which is currently
disturbing the development of the sport in my country.

I have never taken part of any sort of unethical and illegal activity.

As the Captain of El Salvador National Team, I feel is my duty to fight
against any disturbance to the integrity of my team regardless the risks
I'd face with my family. Last July at free will, my revealing interview
to ESPN led to an ongoing investigation which as of now I am
collaborating with national and international authorities to overcame
this problem, therefore I am not in a position to comment any further on
this subject.

I was aware of the risks and consequences when I decided to fight for a
change and I am glad to feel the support from those who also repudiate
any sort of illegal activity in the football industry. I am now pleased
to be back in Rovaniemi working hard with my team mates and focused to
achieve our goals this season with RoPS. This is priority now.

Thank you

In Rovaniemi 16.8.2013

Victor Turcios


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